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Hose Fed Pole In-line Soap Dispenser

Inline soap dispenser:


This soap dispenser is for our water hose fed range poles that come supplied with a male hose adaptor.




Soap Dispenser applicator:


The Soap Dispenser is the perfect solution for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, allowing you to add different kinds of cleaning detergents depending on the surface type.


It comes with a male hose lock fitting on the incoming water supply side that connects to a standard hose, the outgoing side comes with a female hose adaptor that connects to the water hose fed brush.

This way you can still connect the pole to a standard hose without the soap dispenser if needed.





1- You must follow chemical manufacturers dilution notes.


2- If you do not rinse your pole hose and brush properly, they will be contaminated for the next use.


3- This inline soap dispenser type mixes the soap steadily unlike others available that constantly need refilling after 5 minutes of use.





160ml soap dispenser with 3 way valve

1 x supplied female hose adaptor

1 x supplied male hoes connector

Hose Fed Pole In-line Soap Dispenser

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