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3.5 Meter Pro Water Fed Window Cleaning Brush, Window Cleaner Kit

3.5 Meter Water Fed Window Cleaning Brush Pole, Hose fed pole with built in jets for cleaning


Save money and clean your own windows with our wide range of window cleaning poles and brushes. 3.5 Meter water fed window cleaning kit is designed for the homeowner and DIY enthusiast.


It’s designed to connect to the standard UK household garden Hosepipe outside tap. Our window cleaning brushes are simple, easy to use and perfect for ground floor 1st story windows on most houses.


This water fed window cleaning pole is hose-fed making it lightweight and professional as seen by window cleaners worldwide. Our window cleaning brush heads have two jets for washing and rinsing your windows, UPVC frames and window sills.



·       Water-fed brush with 2 jets built in

·       3.5 Meter Water Fed Telescopic Brush 

·       Aluminium handle with 2 foam grips

·       Male connection to garden hose

·       6 meters of 8mm hose

·       Head dimensions: 25 x 15 x 8cm

·       Material: Hardwaring Plastic/aluminium

·       Colour: Silver/Yellow or Black/Yellow

.       Lightweight aluminium 

3.5 Meter Pro Water Fed Window Cleaning Brush, Window Cleaner Kit

  • Specifications:

    Water-fed brush with 2 jets built in· Soft plastic bristle head· Aluminium handle with 2 foam grips· Male connection to garden hose· 6 meters of 8mm hose· Head dimensions: 25 x 12 x 6.5cm· Material: Plastic/aluminium· Colour: Silver/Yellow or Black/Yellow

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